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Aerohive’s Cloud-managed stackable switches can be easily and centrally deployed in minutes with advanced performance, optimization, and security services. Simplify the management and support of your network with a fully unified access layer.

Aerohive’s cloud-managed switches provide fast, reliable, and secure wired connectivity. Providing energy-efficient gigabit Layer 3-Lite capabilities with flexible PoE options, as well as a wealth of port density options, Aerohive switches cater for all of your access layer requirements. Critical capabilities, such as zero-touch provisioning, switch stacking, unified policies, and a powerful QoS engine make these switches a perfect complement to any enterprise network.



  • SR2208P  »

    The SR2208P is a fanless desktop switch that offers quick and easy wiring closet extensions.

    8X GE POE Ports   124W POE Power Budget    2x GE Combo Uplinks

  • SR2224P  »

    The SR2224P is an entry level access switch offering simple wiring closet expansion along with ease of management and scalability.

    8X GE POE Ports •  124W POE Power Budget  •  2x GE Combo Uplinks

  • SR2324P  »

    The SR2324P is a premium stacking-capable access switch provides high bandwidth and port density access on the network edge.

    24X GE POE Ports   370W POE Power Budget    4X 10GE SFP+ Uplinks

  • SR2348P  »

    The SR2348P is a top of line stacking-capable access switch with premium port density and ultra-high PoE budget.

    48X GE POE Ports   740W POE Power Budget    4X 10GE SFP+ Uplinks